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30 June, 2021

If logging into your scheduling system every morning means another day of frustration and irritation, but you’re sure that the difficulty of switching to a better solution is more than your organization can handle, we’ve got good news: The process can be much easier than you’ve imagined.

And, yes, if you’ve been through or heard about software implementations in the past, you’ve got every reason to be hesitant. But things have changed, and we explain why below.

Switching Scheduling Systems the Stress-Free Way

Moving from one scheduling system to another used to take months (often many months), countless meetings, and weeks of onsite training. Thankfully, that approach is behind us!

With new technology and new thinking, converting to an advanced scheduling solution doesn’t have to be a massive project. Here’s how Mazévo makes it easy:

  • Flexibility to accommodate your current processes. There was a time when getting new scheduling software meant revising all of your scheduling processes to work with that system. Mazévo can handle your current scheduling rules and workflows with ease. So, you get the best of both worlds: the processes your team and customers are used to but executed in a cutting-edge, web-native, intuitive solution that’s accessible from any PC, Mac, phone, or tablet.
  • Effortless data conversion from EMS. Our team can convert your EMS data for you. We bring over all of your configuration information, users, customers, and future bookings, plus one to three years of history. We also provide guidance on how to “clean up” any data issues that have occurred with the use of your old system.
  • Implementation in days or weeks—not months! Busy scheduling departments don’t have time for a long, drawn-out system implementation. You can be ready to make reservations in Mazévo in just days in many cases, and weeks at most. The entirely web-based format of our solution (read: no software to install locally on computers!) is one reason. Another is that we enable individual departments to start using Mazévo according to their own timeline, so no complicated coordination of department schedules and availability is needed. When your group is ready to move forward, we get you into the system and operational quickly and efficiently.
  • Effective remote training in two-hour increments. The “old school” approach to training users on new scheduling software required flying in a trainer, shutting down your scheduling operation or conducting business with a skeleton crew for multiple days, etc. Mazévo training is conducted remotely in two-hour sessions that are scheduled when it’s convenient for you. Plus, because our solution is so intuitive, a train-the-trainer approach is highly effective—we train a few administrators and they get the rest of your team up to speed. But we’re happy to train others, as well. Your implementation comes with 90 days of our availability to assist with onboarding as needed, even though most customers are using the system like pros in 1-4 weeks.
  • Expert, attentive support. If you have questions or run into issues with a particular task, our Denver-area team is readily accessible and eager to help. No waiting hours on hold or days for a return call. Mazèvo also comes with a comprehensive knowledge base that makes finding answers to your question quick and easy.

Committed to Your Scheduling Success

The final reason that converting to Mazévo is simple is that we’re honest and transparent in all our interactions with you.

We’ve all dealt with businesses of many kinds that make promises they can’t keep just to “appease” us. If our team says, “I’ll research that and get back to you today,” you can count on hearing from us today. If we say, “That’s an excellent system enhancement suggestion. We’ll make a note of it,” your recommendation will absolutely be given consideration as we work on the next iteration of Mazévo.

Free Guide on Making the Scheduling Solution Switch

Whether you’re looking to switch scheduling systems soon or at some point down the road, it’s important to be well informed. Download our free guide today: How to Take the Pain and Frustration Out of Switching Scheduling Systems.

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Dean Evans

Dean Evans is the Founder and CEO of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event scheduling software.