March 06, 2023

New Column Sizing and Academic Updates


Mazévo Updates

Notification Opt-Out Message

A new message has been added to notifications to instruct the user how to opt out of future notifications.

Set Column Sizing on Event Editor Grids

The width of the columns in the event editor booking and resources grids can now be saved. Previously you could adjust the width of the columns, but the sizing was never saved and returned to the default when you left the page.

Improvements to Messaging Alerts

The alert popup for messages has been improved to show who the message is from and the contents of the message when you hover over the message.

Resource Analytics Now Shows Resource Quantities

When running analytics for resources, it will now display the number of resources in use. Previously it showed the number of bookings a specific resource was being used on.

Event Notes Size Increased

Event notes will now allow up to 2,000 characters per entry. Previously the limit was 1,000 characters.

Work Item Notes Visible on Mobile Devices

If you have notes on a work item, they will now be visible when you click the note icon on your phone.


Academic Updates

Academic Term is Displayed on Event Book Tooltip

When viewing courses in the vent book, the term name is displayed.

Course Export Includes Linked Courses and Shared Room Courses

Two new columns in the course export excel file have been added for linked courses and courses with shared rooms.

Improvements to Course Editor and Room Sharing

We made several changes to the Course Editor screen. Courses with shared rooms now appear more like a cross-list. There is also a new option to add and remove a course section from sharing a room.

View Excluded Dates on a Processed Term

There is a new option to view excluded dates on a processed term, and the dates will appear as a popup.

New Warning When Processing Term with Incomplete Optimization

Mazévo will now warn you if you attempt to process a term where all sections have not been reviewed and optimized. If you proceed, the term will be processed with the SIS results.


Accessibility Updates

Alt Text will now display with room images


Single Sign-On Updates

Limit Tenants Based On Multiple Group Membership Attributes

We recently added the ability to limit users to a Mazévo tenant using a SAML group membership attribute. With this change, you may now have more than one SAML group membership attribute that will trigger access to a specific tenant.


Bugs Fixed

The following issues have been resolved with this release:

  •  Building hours were not being displayed when using room tags
  • In certain instances, some invoices were not displaying with events
  • Revenue analytics would time out when running for an extended date range. It will now limit you to running it for up to a year.
  • We fixed an issue where a requester could select a room without a setup style in some cases.
  • We also fixed an issue where today's entries were not showing up on the daily log report.


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