March 30, 2022

Optimize Classroom Use With Mazevo’s Academic Scheduling Tools


College and university campuses are busy places that host a wide variety of meetings and events. To coordinate all that activity effectively and efficiently, you need a solution that can give you a complete “big picture” view.

Not every scheduling system can do that. But Mazévo’s classroom scheduling tools and its features for managing meetings and events make it a “single source of truth” for any campus. That includes all types of reservable rooms and spaces:

  • Student center rooms
  • Athletic venues
  • Professional school spaces
  • Library meeting rooms
  • Registrar-managed classrooms
  • Etc.

Mazévo makes it easy for anyone—from schedulers to operations crew members to event attendees—to determine what’s taking place when and where on campus.

The Mazévo Classroom Optimizer

The Classroom Optimizer is a tool registrars use to assign courses to a room. They can do so automatically or manually. System users can pull in room assignments from a student information system (SIS) or make room assignments in Mazévo and use that information to update the SIS.

mazevo classroom optimizer example

Benefits of the Classroom Optimizer include that it enables you to:

  • Make the best use of your space
  • Efficiently assign courses to classrooms
  • Keep the course schedule and room assignments in sync with your SIS
  • Easily make changes to classrooms assignments

The Problem With Legacy Systems

Scheduling professionals will sometimes ask, “Why can’t we just handle the synching of academic schedules and meetings/events in our legacy scheduling systems?” There are multiple reasons why that approach isn’t ideal for most campuses.

For one thing, legacy scheduling systems often are complex and difficult to use. That issue is amplified by the fact that schools tend to perform course scheduling only a few times each year. Consequently, users feel that they have to “relearn” how to use legacy scheduling systems each time. In addition, those systems typically require significant time and expense to configure.

So, you can use legacy software for campuswide scheduling. However, factors like the cost and user frustration can be prohibitive.  

Academic Schedule Tools Designed With Users in Mind

We designed the academic scheduling tools in Mazévo to meet many needs. You and your organization will find them useful if you:

  • Need to optimize the use of classroom space
  • Want to save time assigning courses to classrooms
  • Must ensure classes don't conflict with events
  • Need to keep scheduling data in sync with your SIS

Of course, it’s crucial for your mission-critical operational solutions to “stay in their lane.” That’s why Mazévo doesn’t attempt to optimize the class schedule by telling you when to teach a course or analyze enrollment trends to tell you how many sections to offer. That’s not our area of expertise.

But when it comes to providing a comprehensive view of campus activity, we give you all the tools and information you need.

Insightful Features That Streamline Management of Academic Scheduling Data

The academic scheduling features in Mazévo don’t simply pull in or push out information. They “think” like you do, including that they:

  • Enable you to lock in SIS room assignments. This means you can maintain room assignments for courses that already have them while manually or automatically making assignments with the Classroom Optimizer for those that don’t.
  • Let you keep instructors in the same room for back-to-back courses. Mazévo helps you quickly identify when an instructor is teaching courses back-to-back and keep them in the same room, so they don’t have to travel across campus in a limited amount of time.
  • Provide intuitive room searching. Mazévo can quickly generate a list of available alternate rooms for a course.
  • Use course characteristics to assign rooms automatically. The Classroom Optimizer automatically assigns courses to rooms based on the preferred building, subject matter, type of class (lecture, lab, etc.), and enrollment.

See Real-World Academic Scheduling Scenarios in a Demo Tailored to Your Needs

If you want to see how the academic scheduling tools in Mazévo could improve the scheduling operations on your campus, the best way to do that is in a live demo. Contact us today to schedule a session tailored to your specific needs.

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