July 20, 2022

What You Need to Know About Integrating With Mazévo


Integrating the systems you use to schedule and manage facilities provides many benefits, from increased efficiency to a better customer experience. However, if you’re not familiar with the process of getting two or more systems to “talk to” one another, it may seem too complex or time-consuming to tackle.

But we make it simple to integrate with Mazèvo in a couple different ways.

Turnkey Integrations for Maximum Convenience

The easiest way to integrate with Mazévo is to use any of our “turnkey” integrations. These pre-built connections enable you to link your scheduling solution with various other systems without any additional programming.

Available integrations include the ability to share data with:

  • Video messaging displays — from Visix and Crestron, as well as the Mazévo room sign app that can run on any device capable of displaying a web page (IAdea panels, for example)
  • Access control systems — integration provided by the DAX access control system from Detrios
  • HVAC systems — integration provided by Events2HVAC, a heating and cooling control platform from Streamside Solutions
  • Student Information Systems (SIS) — including Ellucian Banner, PowerCampus, Colleague PeopleSoft, Workday, and Jenzabar through the N2N platform.

Easy Integrations Using the Mazévo API

Another method for connecting systems to Mazévo is using our API (application programming interface). If you’re unfamiliar with what an API is, you can think of it like the menu at a restaurant. The computer code in an API essentially tells you what’s available in the system and how to access it.

Using an API, a programmer (from your IT department or a third-party integrator/contractor) looking to integrate one system with another can quickly and efficiently write the necessary code. So, you’ll need a bit of technical assistance to get your other software to talk to Mazévo, but it’s a very straightforward project to complete.

5 Steps for Integrating Using Our API

You can streamline the integration of other systems with Mazévo using our API by taking these five simple steps:

  1. Document why you need the integration. It’s vital for anyone working on the project to understand how it will improve your operations or solve existing problems.
  2. Determine what resources are needed to complete the integration. Who will do the coding? What tools and information will they need?
  3. Point your technical expert to the API. They’ll use it to learn about Mazévo and create the most efficient method for sharing data.
  4. Help test the integration. You should assist the programmer in confirming that the two systems are communicating as intended.
  5. Monitor how the integration functions going forward. It should be “smooth sailing” after you’ve thoroughly tested the integration. However, you should be alert for any issues arising due to unique conditions you couldn’t have anticipated in testing.

Learn More About Mazévo Integrations

Mazévo is a cutting-edge room scheduling solution that’s highly secure yet open to authorized integrations. If you’ve got questions about how integrating with other mission-critical systems could help you do your job more easily and effectively, contact us now to schedule a live Mazévo demo customized to your scheduling processes!

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