How a Scheduling System Built for the Cloud Helps You Schedule Better

4 November, 2020

One of the many benefits of using a system that’s “in the cloud” for your event scheduling is efficiency. And that benefit is magnified when you use a cloud-native system (one built specifically for the cloud) as opposed to just a cloud-based system (one that’s been modified for the cloud). You can learn more about cloud-native applications here.

How does a cloud-native scheduling solution make scheduling departments more efficient and, in general, help them operate more effectively? There are seven primary ways:

  1. Rapid implementation. Nothing drags down efficiency (and morale) more than a software implementation that takes forever to complete. With a cloud-native system, you can literally be using the system in a matter of hours after making the purchase. That’s because all the provider (like Mazévo) has to do is set aside some space in the cloud for you and provide you login information. You’ll have to define some data like buildings and rooms (or we can convert your old data, in many cases), but then you’re off to the races and making reservations.
  2. Less IT dependence. With a cloud-native solution, there are no servers that your IT department has to order and set up, and no software they have to install. You’ll likely need to have a quick conversation or two with them about your plans, but that’s it.
  3. Time-saving integrations. A cloud-native event management system uses all the latest technology, which means it can connect to, and share data with, your other systems easily. And letting systems “talk to each other” can save your team countless hours that would otherwise be spent rekeying information from one to another, etc.
  4. Mobile-friendliness. Your team (and your customers) can access a cloud-native scheduling solution easily from their mobile device. That means they don’t have to get back to their desk to knock tasks off their To Do list.
  5. Data security and redundancy. Cloud-native systems like Mazévo have enterprise-grade security, which means your data is well protected. Plus, with Mazévo in particular, your scheduling database is automatically backed up, meaning that if it should become damaged somehow, it can be restored quickly so your team isn’t left standing around with no way to get work done.
  6. Automatic “updates.” The concept of “updates” is different with a cloud-native system. When a new feature is available, your software provider updates the version of the system that resides in the cloud, so you automatically have access to the feature. As a result, there’s none of the downtime associated with software updates to conventional systems.
  7. Cross-platform access. Some of your scheduling system users have Macs and some have PCs? No problem. With a cloud-native solution, there are no compatibility issues. You can access the system from any type of computer or device.

And Since Time Is Money…

Another benefit of cloud-native systems that results from greater efficiency is significant cost savings. Less IT time needed to implement and maintain the system? Fewer hours consumed there. Getting more done in less time? Fewer hours consumed there.

Plus, since your system is running on someone else’s equipment (i.e., the cloud service provider’s server), there are no large upfront costs associated with hardware. And, with Mazévo’s subscription-based pricing, there’s not even a large upfront software cost.

Imagine your department getting up and running on an intuitive, feature-rich, universally accessible, and cost-effective solution in a matter of hours. Then stop imagining it and get a taste of cloud-native scheduling in a free, no-obligation demo of Mazévo! Schedule a session today.


Dean Evans

Dean Evans is the Founder and CEO of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event scheduling software.