05-20-2022 Performance Improvements

05-16-2022 Performance Updates & Fixes

05-09-2022 Public Calendar Tags and Updates to Organizations & Contacts

04-26-22  Public Calendar, Services & SSO Improvements

04-11-22 New Shift Reports and Updates to Event Requests and API

03-24-2022 Mazévo Academic Scheduling Updates

03-11-2022 New Close Building Function & Updates to Operations

02-25-2022 Academic Scheduling Updates

02/08/2022 Updates to Copy Bookings, Tasks & More

January 25, 2022 Updates to Mazévo Request Form & More

Improved Inventory Management for Requests

A Few Updates to Start 2022

New Notification Emails and Invoice Updates

Updates to the Event Book & New Mobile Ops Layout

Course Optimizer Updates & Manage Operations Enhancements

Event Editor, Operations, and Requester Updates

New Room Closures and Academic Classroom Optimizer

Fall 2021 Performance Improvements

Improved Room Availability Tools and New Email Address Book

September 2021 Updates to Mazévo Ops & Other Scheduling Changes

Event Calendar Enhancements & More

New Time Selectors with Improvements to Operations, Reports, & Billing

Import Contacts and More Find Event Tools

New Room Availability Tools for Requesters & Academic Book

Enhanced Statuses and More Tools for Requesters

New Academic Integration

Better Event Questions, Book Updates, Improved Internal Emails & More

Improved Messaging & Branding Options & Even More Calendar Goodies

More Updates to The Public Events Calendar and SSO.

Public Calendar, Catering and Other Event Management Updates

Updates to the Event Editor, Reports, Mazévo Ops & More

New Public Calendar Options

New Triggers, Confirmation Attachments and Other Goodies for February

Updates to Resources, New Customer Access Time and More

New Year 2021 Updates for Room Requesters and to the Mazévo Event Book

New Text Formatting on Messages and Other Room Scheduling Improvements

Pre-Thanksgiving Room Scheduling Improvements and Fixes

November 2020 Updates to Several Mazévo Tools

New Room Sign Integration and Event Billing Tools

View 7 Days of Events with the New Weekly Book

Confirmation Updates and Simplified Event Lookups

September 2020 Updates to Help You Schedule Better

Updates to Mazévo Messaging

Enhancements To Mazévo Ops

Improvements to Accessibility

Enhancements to Mazévo Ops

July 2020 Beautification

Disable Unused Configuration Items

Performance Improvements

New Scheduled Emails, Event Book Tools and Billing Updates

Introducing Tasks and Advanced Tools to Manage Resources

April 7, 2020 Release - New Document Links, Updates to Confirmation & Billing

March 30, 2020 Release - Enhanced User Security & New Reports

March 9, 2020 Release - Better Report Printing, Event Descriptions & More

February 25, 2020 Release - New Automated Event Approval Process

February 6, 2020 Release - More Information at Your Fingertips

January 30, 2020 Release - Support for Single Sign On (SSO)

January 21, 2020 Release - Room Setup and Capacity Enhancements

January 6, 2020 Release - New Mazévo Course Importer

December 13, 2019 Release - Associate Multiple Contacts to Events

November 27, 2019 Release - Updates to Mobile Requests

November 1, 2019 Update - Introducing Activity Log and Room Tags

October 15, 2019 Release - New Calendar View

October 8th, 2019 Release - Updates to Confirmation & Billing

September 20, 2019 Release - Introducing Mazévo API

August 27, 2019 Release - Room Scheduling Contact Management Updates

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